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Homenaje to
Agustin Barrios

Homenaje to Agustin Barrios

The project aims to demonstrate how in some of the many compositions that the Paraguayan genius has left us, there are evident influences attributable to European musical forms. From the first musical training with the Italian violinist and composer Niccolò Pellegrini, to travels in Europe, and his habit of transcribing for guitar works by Beethoven, Schubert, Mendelssohn and Bach. In his Estudios, Preludes, Minuettes, some Valz, and in the famous Mazurca Appassionata, the relationship with popular music, an important element in Barrios’s music, seems to be in some way asleep or somehow expressed in other ways: instead we see a line of continuity with the European pianistic romanticism, with evident references to the character of the Chopinian studies or in some cases, with the due proportions, to the Mendelsohnian concept of perfect synthesis between virtuosic impulse and architectural design. And again to Bach, to whom he dedicated one of the studies and which is inspired in a clear way in the Prelude of La Catedral.

The influence of the european musical forms in Agusin Barrios’s Music

A journey throught his music most inspired by european musical styles


Agustin Barrios (1885 – 1944)
Mazurka Appasionata,
Gavota al estilo antiguo,
Preludio in do minore,
Preludio in la minore,
Estudio da concierto,
Vals Op. 8 N 3,
La Catedral